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Aluminium Cattle Platform 2.2m

A strong, portable no welding weigh platform to be placed inside a floorless crush or a race for weighing cattle, weigh bars (not included) go underneath.

£627.00 excluding VAT


The unique design incorporates a folded outside edge and low profile bolts on the walking surface to help eliminate hoof damage while weighing. Lightweight is it easy to set up and relocate with no welding required.

  • Rugged. - Lightweight aluminium design, stainless steel, rust proof bolts (no welded joints) reduces the chance of breaking.
  • Fast installation and relocation. - Simply place the platform on a flat surface. A rope handle makes it easy for one person to carry.
  • Accurate. - Weld free folded design means the one piece platform is strong and stiff along the length, helping the collection of accurate weights. Platforms that flex will under-weigh or over-weigh and will cause zero-return problems.
  • Safe - Unique non-slip surface and low profile bolts ensures animal safety and comfort. Angled platform sides centre animals.

Technical Specification

  • Length 2.2 m
  • Overall Width 610 mm
  • Width 390 mm
  • Weight 29 kg

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